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Pain Relief (Remedial) Massage   [30 mins $54 | 45 mins $70 | 60 mins $89 | 90 mins $125]

remedial massage
A deeper massage focussing specifically on your muscular knots or areas of pain or disfunction.

Perfect For You If..
You want relief from acute or chronic pain, have muscles cramps or spasms, bad posture, arthritis, sore joints, RSI, headaches, lack of mobility.

*Health rebates are available


Ultimate Relaxation Massage   [30 mins $54 | 45 mins $70 | 60 mins $89 | 90 mins $125]

relaxation massage
Why just have a massage when you can have the ultimate relaxation experience.

- Hand picked relaxation music
- Wheat pack heat treatment
- Complimentary aromatherapy
- Full body therapeutic relaxation massage
- Complimentary herbal tea after your treatment (subject to availbility)

Perfect For You If...
You want to relieve general muscle tension, stiffness or pain or are feeling stressed or anxious.


Sports Massage   [30 mins $54 | 45 mins $70 | 60 mins $89 | 90 mins $125]

sport massage
Takes your sore or fatigued muscles and makes them feel brand new, so you'll be ready to train or work again in no time.

Perfect for you if...
You are training at the gym, play sport, perform physical labour or you have sore or fatigued muscles and want to speed up your recovery time so you can increase your ability to perform.


Design Your Own Massage   [30 mins $54 | 45 mins $70 | 60 mins $89 | 90 mins $125]

design your own massage
Enjoy the fun and freedom of choice to be the creator of the exact massage experience you want to have. Depending on the duration you choose, you will have a certain number of units of time that you allocate can allocate to different areas of the body. So you can allocate more time to areas that you feel need the most attention while skipping the areas that don't. Also choose from a selection of aromatherapy oils and styles of music to listen to during the session, or make your own playlist and bring it with you. Enjoy

Perfect for you if...
You want to create the perfect massage experience according to your needs and wants.

design your own massage form


Pregnancy Massage   [30 mins $54 | 45 mins $70 | 60 mins $89 | 90 mins $125]

design your own massage

Targets common areas of discomfort during pregnancy such as lower back, legs and feet. Calms your nervous system helping you remain relaxed during your pregnancy.

Our staff are trained and experience in pregnancy massage and we use a specially designed cushion which allows you to lay face down for maximum comfort and support (see image below)

*It is our policy not to perform massage during the 1st Trimester (from 1 - 12 weeks)
**This is the recommendation by many Australian massage organizations, that is not to say that it unsafe to do so however we prefer to follow this guideline.

pregancy massage



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